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Digital Marketing Consultant , Professor & Trainer

Pritesh Patel

Digital Marketing Advisor to Brands, Start-Ups, SME | Angel
Investors | Ex-Facebook | Mentor | Speaker | Entrepreneur |
Coach | Visiting Faculty | Business Advisor |

Pritesh Patel
Pritesh Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant, Professor & Trainer

Pritesh Patel

Digital Marketing Advisor to Brands, Start-Ups, SME | Angel
Investors | Ex-Facebook | Mentor | Speaker | Entrepreneur |
Coach | Visiting Faculty | Business Advisor |

Pritesh Patel is a seasoned digital marketing consultant with 17+ years of experience in the industry. He is the founder of an ad agency and a digital training institute and his vast experience in leadership roles at some of the top companies in the world makes him one of the leading consultants and an expert on everything related to digital. Mentoring and speaking are some of the additional skills he possesses and offers the same to help businesses grow.

With innovative ideas, creativity, and strong technical acumen, he has the superb ability and proven track record of helping small, medium, and large businesses across the globe boost their digital marketing efforts, achieve their digital goals, and gain great returns on investment.

Passionate about all things digital marketing, he is fascinated by all the different channels like Social media, SEO, PPC advertising, Email marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content marketing and looks for ways to combine them effectively to get the best results.

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Are you looking for a winsome digital marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level? Partner with Pritesh, one of the best digital marketing consultants in Canada.

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As a digital marketing trainer in Canada, Pritesh has been sharing his valuable digital marketing knowledge with digital marketing enthusiast, decision-makers, managers and heads of the company.

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He conducts various digital marketing workshops in Canada regularly where interactive sessions and intensive discussions are held to boost the digital ecosystem & develop next generation of experts & digital companies.


The digital marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, and it is suddenly cluttered with many businesses competing against each other to reach the top. In such a scenario, what matters more is to stay at the top. To sustain growth in the digital sphere, partnering with best digital marketing consultants can be advantageous in multiple ways.

The digital consultant often knows the latest trends and happenings in the digital world which can keep your business ahead in the dynamic environment. You can get great insights, as experienced consultants have exposure to multiple industries, and he knows what works and what does not. When you partner with a consultant, you can get quick results, make more profits as he brings a new perspective and a fresh approach to achieve business goals through digital marketing. Partner with Pritesh for greater growth opportunities, business possibilities and better ROI.

Digital Marketing Training at Times Internet- Pritesh Patel

Digital Marketing Training

With exponential growth and power of digital marketing across the world, businesses must embrace digital marketing and include it in their plans to make more profits in the future. As companies realize that digital is the future, digital marketing training plays a key role in making it transformative, and boost business to the top. Since the majority of customers are online, adapting to digital is imperative to succeed. Therefore, continuous up-skilling of employees is necessary. 

Digital marketing training for corporate heads, managers, and decision-makers is a must so that they can take decisions keeping a digital viewpoint in mind and lead the company towards success. Equipping employees at every level with digital marketing knowledge will play a major role in bringing more revenue opportunities and competitive edge to your business.

Pritesh Patel has trained thousands of corporate professionals and employees of some of the biggest brands in India.

Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital marketing workshop is also an integral part of digital marketing awareness among corporates as well as all those who desire to acquire these skills. While training is somehow limited to learning the concepts of digital channels like SEO, SMM, SEM and others, workshops are more advanced.

Digital marketing workshop for students and corporates opens up plethora of opportunities to grow and thrive in the digital marketing industry. It involves interactive sessions, brainstorming ideas, creative learning and practical implementation of things learned. 

How it helps businesses? You can set realistic digital marketing objectives and learn how to achieve them consistently. It is a boon for sales and marketing professionals as they can leverage the new and innovative method to bring qualified leads and contribute towards business growth. Also, the talent gap is greatly reduced among employees as most of them are equipped with digital marketing knowledge ready to take the company on a growth path.

Digital Marketing Workshop with Pritesh Patel

I’m Honoured to train employees from

I love to work with businesses & I have helped many to rise & make footprint in the World of Digital Marketing.

Let the numbers speak for themselves!

I have successfully taught

Corporate Professionals

We love our clients’ feedback!

The quality of all the material classes was excellent, the way Pritesh teaches is unique and understandable for everyone, I really appreciate all the knowledge he passed on to us. I 100% recommend her training and classes..

Paola Quintero Suárez

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible job you’ve done as a Teacher. Your extensive knowledge and expertise in the field has been invaluable, and I’ve learned so much from you over the course of the past year.
Your ability to break down complex concepts and make them easy to understand has been a true gift. Your patience and dedication to helping each and every student succeed has been inspiring, and I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you’ve put into my education.

Alex Pimentel

Thanks to the professor’s experience and the material provided, I gained good knowledge and increased my background in digital marketing field. Always ready for advice and practical examples provided during class.
Excellent listening skills, collaboration and empathy towards students.

Elena Cigarini

Your college lectures were truly amazing, Pritesh! You have a great sense of mind, which makes digital marketing studies enjoyable and simple. Thank you!.

Phillipe Xavier

Pritesh is a person who not only teaches most difficult subjects of digital in the most simplest way but also coaches each and every person according to their aspirations to grow in life, which is the most admiring part of his curriculum.

Chaitanya Mishra

Pritesh held a workshop for senior alumni of our business school. It was very engaging and he shared very useful and practical insights. His knowledge on digital marketing is very deep

Anurag Gupta


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